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Mission Security & Patrol's success begins with our qualified and professional officers. That is why the company recruits career-minded professionals who understand the value of their responsibilities and who appreciate the price of Mission Security & Patrol's impeccable reputation and integrity.  We serve a diverse client base and take great pride in providing consistently professional and competent service.  Gated communities, resorts, hotels, construction sites, executive clients, and special events feel secure under the diligent watch of Mission Security's protection.

All Mission Security & Patrol officers are impeccably dressed in uniforms that reflect our clients' requirements. Whether in a black blazer, polo, or in an officer's uniform, your security guard is professionally and noticeably dressed to deter any unwanted activities.  Every officer is trained in the proper procedures for dealing with emergencies at each site, including fire systems and medical emergency protocol.  The Mission Security & Patrol management team regularly visits every post for quality control purposes and to ensure that the clients' needs are met. The management can be reached 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to address any concerns.

Mission Security and Patrol offers the following services:

  • Standing Guards
    • Unarmed security guards
    • Armed security guards, including concealed weapon guards
    • Uniformed and plain-clothes officers
    • Gate guards
    • Doorpersons
    • Pool Monitors
    • Courtesy Officers
  • Mobile Patrols
    • Property Patrol
    • Alarm Response
    • Parking Enforcement
  • Property Security
    • Lock-down Services
    • Noise Control
    • Property Checks

When hired for any of the above services, Mission Security & Patrol also assumes the following responsibilities:

  • To create and regularly update an emergency checklist; in the event of an emergency, a quick response will be initiated and all required parties informed.
  • To offer each client a direct-dial pager number, which will allow simultaneous contact between the client, the Mission Security operations base, and a mobile patrol unit, reducing response time to a minimum.  Cell phone numbers of a Mission Security operations managers and road supervisor will also be made available.
  • To keep Daily Activity Reports (DARs) for each property and client.  DARs log updates and details regarding property conditions, incidents, and/or any unusual circumstances and situations.  DARs can be submitted to the client as regularly as they would like.
  • To keep records of all activities regarding the client's property for a period of twelve months.  These thorough records include valuable information for our management and the client's.  Our goal is to keep our clients informed, and we are available to present this information, answer questions, and develop new record-keeping policies should the need arise.
  • To watch for any and all safety hazards and liabilities.  All of our security officers will be diligent in looking out for hazardous situations.  If a dangerous situation is discovered, the officer will respond immediately to minimize or negate the threat.  Maintenance and management will be contacted, as necessary, to remedy the situation.  Incident reports for any such situations will be completed if required.

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